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The Academy offers to Business and Industry a wealth of experience in the field of relaxation

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The Relaxation  Academy is  for those exploring this field of Wealth and Abundance for Life through Relaxation.

Relaxation is a buzz word with plenty of meaning.

Stop and think about it - R E L A X A T I O N.

Breathe with it, and you will be able  to feel something changing.

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The Academy offers to Business and Industry a wealth of experience in the field of relaxation

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Relaxation has a top place for relevance in today’s World

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Life revolves around relaxation

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Relaxation is the overall term that many people use, when in relationship to moving away from stress

Meditation is one relaxation technique capable of giving, improved breathing, stilling the mind, although the mind is very likely to resist, and also give rise to a sense of core peace, with it is said a deepening to one’s spiritual connection.

For improving our conscious connection, The Meditation technique can change the brain wave electrical patterning from beta or gamma to theta and alpha

Beta – Task function: Stress / Goal orientation.

Gamma – Function; Anxiety / Learning

Theta – Deep Relaxation: towards sleep

Alpha – Rest and calmness while awake.

What are the benefits of regular Meditation?

What is seen by many are the functions of the Central Nervous System of every human, Sympathetic, Fight or Flight ‘the stress response’ and Parasympathetic, a ‘relaxation response’, the natural functions of the body, rest and digest.

The stress response is a chemical and hormone response of the human body governed by the Sympathetic Nervous System.

The relaxation response the body signals, releasing other chemicals to increase the blood flow to organs and the brain, instilling calmness. [The Relaxation Response by Herbert Benson 1975]

In order of functioning priority, the Sympathetic comes first, taking what energy of the 100% that is required for any impending danger, as a survival mechanism. Only when the impending activity has abated will energy be allowed to be initiated for the Parasympathetic system, and rest, relaxation, digestion.

Meditation practice will begin to unravel any lingering energy complications in the sympathetic system and opening the door to re-energising the parasympathetic, rest and digest.

Unravelling and benefits arising:

Dissipating conditions such as; headaches, anxiety, worry, tension, restlessness, sleep issues.

Improving creativity, mood, visual and mental clarity.

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